INSIDER TRUST® Methodology

An intense focus on value creation through bolstering of trust.
The INSIDER TRUST® methodology, created by former CIA senior executive Karl Wagner, leverages decades of experience in government and industry and recent scholarship on "the trust economy" to harness untapped value, whether in technology investments or in human capital.

The INSIDER TRUST® methodology features an intense focus on value creation through bolstering of trust within existing portfolio companies and advisory relationships, as well as trust-by-design incorporated as a key facet of newly formed companies and start-ups.

Blending the latest Environment Social & Governance (ESG) principles, on the one hand, with enlightened and pro-active, human-centric security practices, on the other, the INSIDER TRUST® methodology can take your company to new levels.

Karl Wagner is Founder of NTN Holdings, a US-based firm that specializes in international investment, infrastructure development, and resilience-related project management services. Our diversified impact investment fund is “Nurturing Tomorrow Now” through investments that promote resilience, at the individual, enterprise, national, and global levels.

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