Swift Navigation’s precise positioning API and software delivers the accuracy required to change the way we navigate and understand the world.

Transforming global water infrastructure into sources of distributed renewable energy

Acquisition of mineral deposits containing metals and elements commonly used in the electric power market, military, national security and the production of “GREEN” energy technologies, such as, high strength alloys and rare earth magnets.

The Right Information at the Right Time, All in One Place.
Advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and collaborative tools applied to data from earth and space. Our decision intelligence technologies bring together heavy data streams from different sources to create decisive context for organizations.

Water Data As A Service
Hydroquo+ utilises unique product suite to improve water quality and reduce losses. By harnessing the power of chemometric analytics tools, Hydroquo is maximizing information and data available to dramatically improve the quality of water worldwide.

Harnessing the resources, research, and expertise of UMBC, bwtech@UMBC tech park offers specialized Incubators to promote the progress of companies at all stages of development.

Harnessing the power of science to regenerate our planet.
Our industrial hemp will sequester vast amounts of carbon and be transformed into essential materials.

Transforming US & allied military capabilities with advanced technology.
Anduril is a defense products company. Unlike most defense companies, we don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need. We identify problems, privately fund our R&D and sell finished products off the shelf. Ideas are turned into deployed capabilities in months, not years.

Unique Voice Analytics Accurately and Immediately Identifies Fraud.
Using voice technology to reduce fraud, identify risk, and build trust.