Swift Navigation’s precise positioning API and software delivers the accuracy required to change the way we navigate and understand the world.

Transforming global water infrastructure into sources of distributed renewable energy

Make every data point count.
Gain access to a suite of digital tools that collect, verify, and analyze ESG & Impact Data. Our mission is to illuminate the path to sustainable value creation.

Acquisition of mineral deposits containing metals and elements commonly used in the electric power market, military, national security and the production of “GREEN” energy technologies, such as, high strength alloys and rare earth magnets.

The construction of the world’s first commercial space station is underway.
Making the possibilities of Low Earth Orbit accessible to visionary governments, researchers, manufacturers, and individuals. Because we believe microgravity is the most promising environment for innovation and problem-solving since the Internet.

With a hope to accelerate the establishment of digital Bangladesh, Pathao provides an app based solution through ride sharing, food delivery and e-commerce logistics services. By harnessing the power of technology, Pathao aims to provide all services in one platform.

Next-generation energy management company with a strong focus on research and innovation. It enables us to build our services around proprietary technologies and software to upgrade infrastructures, monitor backup capacity on battery, site and network-level, and automate site operations for maximum efficiency.

A collaborative, next-generation platform for state-of-the-art science at sea. The radical design – iconic, intelligent, aesthetically-pleasing – is intentional.
It’s a 300-metre fabrication of the future.

The future of cement is eco-friendly.
Developing a proprietary and scalable solution for eco-friendly, general-use alternative cementitious material and supplementary cementitious material in the construction materials sector that is cost competitive and substantially reduces CO2 emissions.

The Right Information at the Right Time, All in One Place.
Advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and collaborative tools applied to data from earth and space. Our decision intelligence technologies bring together heavy data streams from different sources to create decisive context for organizations.