Make every data point count.
Gain access to a suite of digital tools that collect, verify, and analyze ESG & Impact Data. Our mission is to illuminate the path to sustainable value creation.

Next-generation energy management company with a strong focus on research and innovation. It enables us to build our services around proprietary technologies and software to upgrade infrastructures, monitor backup capacity on battery, site and network-level, and automate site operations for maximum efficiency.

The future of cement is eco-friendly.
Developing a proprietary and scalable solution for eco-friendly, general-use alternative cementitious material and supplementary cementitious material in the construction materials sector that is cost competitive and substantially reduces CO2 emissions.

Water Data As A Service
Hydroquo+ utilises unique product suite to improve water quality and reduce losses. By harnessing the power of chemometric analytics tools, Hydroquo is maximizing information and data available to dramatically improve the quality of water worldwide.

Harnessing the resources, research, and expertise of UMBC, bwtech@UMBC tech park offers specialized Incubators to promote the progress of companies at all stages of development.

Cogence Systems is a technology integrator specializing in the design, delivery, installation and operation of end-to-end containerized technology solutions for austere, off-grid environments, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The power to reach businesses and schools, governments and professional sports teams, non-profits and global empires, using app engagement and augmented reality solutions.

Harnessing the power of science to regenerate our planet.
Our industrial hemp will sequester vast amounts of carbon and be transformed into essential materials.

Reinventing the way enterprises hire expert consultants to solve their biggest challenges. Clients can connect with and hire experts directly, or have the team tailor engagements to fit their specific needs.

The Stress, Trauma, And Resiliency Training (The START Method®) tailors coping mechanisms, helping manage potentially harmful personal behaviors with organizational and individual strategies that can improve employee welfare, morale, and productivity.