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Discover how NTN Holdings is promoting The Resilience Revolution, and how you could be part of it.

Our Core Activities

With Resilience at the Core of our EcoSystem, we help Partners, Companies, and Projects to Adapt and Shine
By Driving Money Talents Synergies Knowledge Technologies to Achieve their Mission


Information is key. NTN puts continuous effort into combining qualitative business intelligence and reliable global risk data sets to improve decision-making and ensure actionable, effective solutions.


We advise on building or refining systems fit for managing existential insider threat risks to the enterprise. We assist leadership in strengthening corporate resilience and in managing complex competitive threats, as well as in implementing the INSIDER TRUST® methodology created by Karl Wagner.


NTN invests in values-driven start-ups, both US and foreign, with passionate and experienced leadership teams, resilience-focused business objectives and missions that can scale for broad impact.


We develop and deliver tailored training and promote employee engagement practices that benefit enterprise and personal resilience by emphasizing a human-centric approach to management and corporate security, especially through the INSIDER TRUST® methodology created by Karl Wagner.


From Engineering and IT Development to Marketing and International Business Development, NTN brings experience and proven operational capability to the service of its partners and clients. Since we share your passion, we're not content with a "silent partner" role but prefer to take an active, supportive role.


NTN leverages decades of international relations and global operations experience to provide partners and clients with holistic solutions designed to navigate the difficult challenges of international business.

Investing & Operating Partners

Collective Effort
is part of our DNA

Our Operating Companies

The START Method

Human-Centric Approach To Enterprise Resilience through the INSIDER TRUST® methodology and The Approachable ABE™ Seminar.

Cogence Systems

Breakthrough Technologies And Modular Containerized Solutions. Navigating the Toughest Challenges in Austere Environments.

Eastern Sky Technologies

A boutique consultancy providing tailored expertise for assessing and managing complex human and organizational risks. Worldwide.

Resilience At 5 Levels

We pursue and promote RESILIENCE at five levels of analysis, with five mottos under a single overarching vision.


We leave no one behind.


“Capitalism with heart” is the recipe for long-term success.


Cautious yet unwavering support of “good government(s)” is vital to controlling “bad government(s).”


We must regain our awe of the natural environment and harness its power, beauty and saving grace.


We must go off the Earth
to save it.

Falling down is an inevitability. Standing back up is a choice.

Our Core Values

Our personnel, consortium partners, investments, and worldview are informed and inspired by the following core values:

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Project Holder

You have a Company or a Project to Finance, and you would like us to assess the investment opportunity.


You are interested in our vision and values and want to invest with us to accelerate the Resilience Revolution.


You are facing corporate challenges that could be addressed by improving your capacity for resilience.